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Don Martin Books

My name is Don Martin, best-selling author, speaker, and Broker/Owner of Martin Properties. 

  • Licensed, full-time real estate since 1984, about thirty-three years. (GOOGLE us- we’re not obscure, new-comers to this business.)
  • Vanderbilt University and Peabody Demonstration School (University School)
  • Christ Church on Old Hickory Blvd over twenty five years.
  • Married over forty years.
  • I answer my own phone unless I am in church or with a customer.
  • HUD certified as Buyer’s Agent
  • I keep my promises. I stay in touch. I return calls.
  • Author of The NEW REAL ESTATE, ISBN:1494983109, SELL YOUR HOUSE FASTER, FLAT-FEE MLS for FSBOs,  and coming soon, GUERILLA REAL ESTATE, ISBN:149933334X,   as well as OUTRAGEOUS SALES SUCCESS.
  • Porsches and palaces, he brings four decades of sales to the table.


Don Martin Books

Unlike traditional real estate agents who hover over a listing or two, we work with a lot of sellers to save them a lot of commission. The number of sellers we work with at any given time is usually between 30 and 50. Additionally, we work with a few select buyers. To do that, I stay fairly busy.

Appointments are absolutely KEY in my world, and I try to be with prospective customers during the day, and upload their listings in the early evenings. I cannot answer my phone at these times, so sometimes you will need to leave a voice mail message for me. I work very long hours, but I am not at my phone or computer around the clock. After the evening’s computer work, I do other things besides real estate. I do not work on Sundays, or Saturday afternoons. At times I am gone on the weekend for Don Martin Books.  Some listings and/or projects may take longer than one evening of work, in which case they may be continued the next working session, and not always continuously until completion.

How Do I Get Paid?Don Martin Books

Working with sellers: I charge a small fee instead of a larger commission. My fee is paid in advance.

Working with buyers: My fee is commission-based and paid by the seller of the house purchased. It is already a part of the transaction price of the house. I am not paid by unseen forces for my activity. Sometimes people tell me “My brother just bought a house… I wish you could have helped him.” NOTE- even though I work mostly with sellers, I always welcome some commission when it happens. In fact, I have some incentives in place that make it $MART to use me as your buyer’s agent! Obviously, we can’t work with every buyer, but you or someone you know may be a perfect fit to take advantage of this little-known opportunity. Just ask me at (615) 973-8970.