Regarding being a Writer

Saturday, June 18, 2016
Lessons I have learned about trying to be a writer.
1) You can be the world’s best brain-surgeon, but that doesn’t mean you are a naturally good writer about brain-surgery. Or anything. You still have to take off your brain-surgeon hat and work at learning writing.
2) You can be the world’s best brain surgery author, but that doesn’t mean you are any good at editing and formatting your brain-surgery books. It’s time to learn something else new.
3) You might be a great brain-surgery author and brain-surgery editor/formatter, but you probably don’t know squat about brain-surgery book promotion and sales. And so it goes.

While you are trying to learn all this, you still have to live. You have to communicate, and build a platform of people who will communicate with you, or at least, listen to you instead of spitting on the ground. So…

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Hopefully, and with your help, they will all get better as time goes by.

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