Father’s Day

Sunday, June, 19, 2016

Father’s Day

My wonderful family has thrown two Father’s Day celebrations for me this year.  One was last month enjoying James Taylor in a magnificent concert, and the other, last week, munching on an outrageously good Flat-Iron steak at the Long Horn Steakhouse .  That left me with some quiet time to continue working on my Author’s Platform, still trying to sort out the locations and purposes of different social media.  If any of you can help with this puzzle, please feel free to chime in.  So far, here we go…

www.Facebook.com/MartinProperties – me personally, more fun than anything else. (Please visit and “friend.”)

www.Facebook.com/MartinProps – my real estate company page. (Please visit and “like.”)

www.Facebook.com/DonMartinBooks – my writing/publishing page. (Please visit and “like.”)

www.Twitter.com/@DonMartin711 – (Please “follow” – real estate and general)

www.Twitter.com/@DonMartinBooks – (Please “follow” – writing and publishing)

www.TheReasonableRealtor.com – (Please visit and “subscribe” – real estate website)

www.DonMartinBooks.com – (Please visit and “subscribe” – books website)

There are seven to start with, and I’m tired.  There will be more to come, but these will get you started.