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Writing success, living success, making it happen – 80 days left this year!

Success is elusive.  In most ways, it depends on how you define it.  It depends on how you define yourself.  I am a Christian.  I am a husband and a father.  I am a real estate agent, broker, firm owner, writer, author,  speaker and so forth.  Success is defines by the achieving of goals by certain times.  Time periods are measured in days, weeks, months and years.  So pick an area of life, then pick a goal, then pick an arbitrary time period, and go for that success like your hair is on fire.

IMG_20140803_122626 - me. Your friendly writer, Mr. Success and Abundance.

I picked a handful of goals I wanted to achieve by the end of the calendar year, and there were 100 days left in the year when I started this group of goals.  There are only 80 days left today.

Two of the important ways I define myself are how I make a living, ie. writing and real estate.  As an author, there are a couple more books I want to get out this year.  If one visits www.amazon.com/author/donm there are three books available now with a fourth coming very close, so there is much work to be done.  As broker, there is a certain amount of business I must do to earn a certain amount of income which I need for even more goals.

Living the “Plan B” Lifestyle

In a perfect world, we are born rich and good-looking.  We have a silver spoon mentality, and already have everything we will ever  need.  But when we discover it’s not a perfect world, what do we do then?  If we don’t have the “Plan A” life, we may need to go to “Plan B” where we have to go out and get what we want and need to be comfortable.

“Cause and Effect” Your Way to Success and Abundance

Have you ever noticed that if you do one thing in particular, something else will occur?  That is called cause and effect.  If we want a certain effect, we can either receive it in a miracle or materialize it, or we can perform the tasks it takes to cause the effect we want.  We have no control over the first two but we do have control over the last.

Reduce it to the Ridiculous

The first time period to chose concerns the goal you have set.  The second time period to chose is a smaller period to measure results.  And the third and smallest manageable time period to measure your efforts.  You can do efforts every day, for example.  You can measure result every few days.  You measure goals in the appropriate time period.  And there are time periods that work perfectly for these.

If you could not tell, this concept is becoming one of the books I hope to have available this year.  You will use it for sales, weight loss, or just about anything.  Its working title is “How To Gain Success, Abundance and Prosperity Using the “Plan B” System of Cause and Effect, and I hope it will be out this winter.


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I liked the easy to understand explanation for some fairly complicated real estate terms and I would recommend this book to anyone who is considering buying or selling real estate. A lot of things you don’t know can sure cost you a bunch of money!”


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More Good Words for THE NEW REAL ESTATE

5.0 out of 5 stars Extremely informative! Must have for real estate! September 13, 2014
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“The new real estate is utterly fantastic! My in-laws have decided to sell the house they are living in themselves and have been having trouble with it. We bought this book as a reference and it drastically has changed everything we first thought. We’ve used just a few of the “secrets” so far and it’s been incredible. I’m extremely thankful we came across this book and spent the money to get it because it’s easily going to save us tons of money. Highly recommend if you are ever thinking of doing anything in real estate in the future!”

Thanks, Amazon.com/authors/donm


Don Martin, Martin Properties, Graduated Services Real Estate (615) 973-8970

Amazon.com/author/donm -starting to shape up

“I remember how three years ago I was going through tremendous struggles to buy a house of my own – with a mortgage of course. The amount of houses that I have seen, some of them way below my requirements, some overpriced, some totally undesirable, the paperwork implied by this action plus all the fuss with getting the required money and loan – everything is a nightmare that just ended with a nice result – the house I live in.

Remembering those times, I got this book to see what kind of advice I can find on the topic, and what should I consider if I want to sell this one and buy another one in the future. The book details a lot of good to know aspects in real estate both for sellers and buyers – so it is an interesting reading and perspective for both positions in such potential future contract.

Easy, simple, tips & tricks- good to read.”


I was extremely gratified when I found this review of THE NEW REAL ESTATE this morning.

Thank you Amazon.com

Soon we will be adding the book GUERRILLA REAL ESTATE to our collection.  I’ll keep you posted!

Don Martin

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Guerrilla Real Estate is on the way! Do-It-Yourself

GUERRILLA REAL ESTATE was my first book in many ways.  And it’s been YEARS in the making.  During its arrival time, I have actually written and published three other books before this one.

The first book was The NEW REAL ESTATE, which was a learning process to acquaint myself with the book-making industry.  There is a huge, unseen world out there concerning writing, formatting, publishing and promoting books.  Then I learned about the Kindle.

The second book was SELL YOUR HOUSE FASTER, which so far, is Kindle only, and is a compilation of a few articles I wrote for The Reasonable Realtor.  This book was also a huge learning process, this time about Kindle.  It was so crazy and so much fun that I quickly followed it with another Kindle to concentrate on and work with Search Engine Optimization, with different words and phrases, and it was called MLS for the FSBO.

All three have provided me with the education I needed, hopefully to finish the ONE I started long ago, GUERRILLA REAL ESTATE, more or less as an accompanying instruction manual for my services.  My company aids for-sale-by-owners and do-it-yourselfers to sell their own houses and save thousands of dollars on the commissions.

Don Martin

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So now that I have learned a lot more about publishing, I remember how much I used to enjoy writing when I was in school.  As it turns out I have several more in various stages that I will be finishing in the next few months.  I’ll keep you up to date!