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“I remember how three years ago I was going through tremendous struggles to buy a house of my own – with a mortgage of course. The amount of houses that I have seen, some of them way below my requirements, some overpriced, some totally undesirable, the paperwork implied by this action plus all the fuss with getting the required money and loan – everything is a nightmare that just ended with a nice result – the house I live in.

Remembering those times, I got this book to see what kind of advice I can find on the topic, and what should I consider if I want to sell this one and buy another one in the future. The book details a lot of good to know aspects in real estate both for sellers and buyers – so it is an interesting reading and perspective for both positions in such potential future contract.

Easy, simple, tips & tricks- good to read.”


I was extremely gratified when I found this review of THE NEW REAL ESTATE this morning.

Thank you Amazon.com

Soon we will be adding the book GUERRILLA REAL ESTATE to our collection.  I’ll keep you posted!

Don Martin

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Guerrilla Real Estate is on the way! Do-It-Yourself

GUERRILLA REAL ESTATE was my first book in many ways.  And it’s been YEARS in the making.  During its arrival time, I have actually written and published three other books before this one.

The first book was The NEW REAL ESTATE, which was a learning process to acquaint myself with the book-making industry.  There is a huge, unseen world out there concerning writing, formatting, publishing and promoting books.  Then I learned about the Kindle.

The second book was SELL YOUR HOUSE FASTER, which so far, is Kindle only, and is a compilation of a few articles I wrote for The Reasonable Realtor.  This book was also a huge learning process, this time about Kindle.  It was so crazy and so much fun that I quickly followed it with another Kindle to concentrate on and work with Search Engine Optimization, with different words and phrases, and it was called MLS for the FSBO.

All three have provided me with the education I needed, hopefully to finish the ONE I started long ago, GUERRILLA REAL ESTATE, more or less as an accompanying instruction manual for my services.  My company aids for-sale-by-owners and do-it-yourselfers to sell their own houses and save thousands of dollars on the commissions.

Don Martin

Martin Properties

(615) 973-8970

So now that I have learned a lot more about publishing, I remember how much I used to enjoy writing when I was in school.  As it turns out I have several more in various stages that I will be finishing in the next few months.  I’ll keep you up to date!

Great Amazon Promo

We had a great Amazon FREE FRIDAY kindle promo yesterday for “SELL YOUR HOUSE FASTER.”  A THANKS to all who participated.  We may try to do this every Friday for different books we  have written, so check her from time to time as this is our BOOK SITE!  Feel free to join the list if you would like.


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Hey book peeps!

Barnes & Noble update – Ingram has my book, but we’re waiting on B&N to decide to pick it up…

Kindle update – It may take Amazon up to four weeks to contact anyone who got a bad format yesterday, so please feel free to try again next promo, which I think will be tomorrow, Saturday June 28, 2014.

Thanks for your patience to most, and to some of you, you are just plain confused about my family tree.