Summer is Here!

Monday, June 20,2016

Summer begins today.  I am in Nashville, TN, and it was, maybe 91 degrees here today, but comfortable.  I just discovered yesterday that several of our readers are in Alaska.  Wow.  How is the temp up there today???  (It’s -70 in Antarctica today.)

I worked on my author platform mailing list a little bit today, but worked on it a lot last night.  In the background the TV was playing a 007 movie, “Skyfall” in honor of a 007 50th anniversary.  Another Wow.  Most is different, but for some of the music and the Aston-Martin.  My list is not too huge at this point, but I just read about an author who started with 20 on her list and went to 5000 in four years.  So I’m OK with where I am.

Speaking of 50 year anniversaries, I remember well my high school English/Lit department where my literary endeavours begun so long ago.  Our English department had one lady, Mrs. H, who was pretty much to-the-point. When she read any of my class assignments, she would say, “Mr. Martin, you’re an ass.”

Mrs. T, another English teacher of mine  of much gentler expressions, would say, “Mr. Martin, don’t be an ass ALL your life.”  That simple difference made me realize she must have seen promise and potential in me that meant it was possible that I could eventually escape the surly bonds of my a**-holery.  That simple change of words brought hope, where Mrs. H would have left me desolate and dark.

Fifty is also a number that holds another special meaning for me.  Fifty is the night temperature below which tomatoes will not set fruit.  Fifty is the amount signified by the older Italians as L, as in Literature.  It’s also used as “the” in Mexico.  I could go on all day, but I think by now you can see this must be more than coincidence.  Hopefully, by now, even if you find all this to be worthless, at least I did capture your attention for a couple of minutes, and soil your computer browser history.

You’re welcome.