Yes. You know it is.

I give away books from time to time for a couple of reasons. One is, I do always enjoy getting new readers. And two, I would love it if some would PLEASE post a short review on Amazon. And lastly, perhaps when they see other of my books, they might return some time and purchase one.

So I arbitrarily picked Friday, and I try to rotate the book choices. So if you see one you want and it’s not free today, you could go ahead and buy it- it won’t kill you. Or you could wait until some other week. Just check back at and you’ll find me there.  This week’s offering is SELL YOUR HOUSE FASTER…


IMG_20140803_122626 - me. Your friendly writer, Mr. Success and Abundance.I guess a person is a writer first, and then when he has a book, he is an author. I am happy to be included in both categories. The difference is, as a writer, I can still write. As an author, I’m not sure how to auth.

I would love for you to subscribe to my merry group, so I could keep you advised of any upcoming festivities, activities, or proclivities.  I’ll tell you about the progress of the new book!


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