Free Friday is Back!

“Life is hard!!! Breathe, breathe, breathe…” Don’t you hate hearing people gripe about their jobs when YOU have a really HARD job? If they only knew what difficulty really IS.

That’s the problem for me. I have a very easy job. And I still blew it. I ran behind on the schedule of book publishing last year and I seemed to run behind on everything. Free Friday, for instance. That is the day we make one of my books available for a free download from And I haven’t had one since October. And now that we are trying to reconfigure some of our websites, and take on more projects, we find we also need desperately to get back to continuing the old ones too. So FREE FRIDAY IS BACK STARTING THIS FRIDAY JANUARY 16, 2015, With my first kindle book, THE NEW REAL ESTATE, and will continue to occur at least frequently if not every week!

IMG_20140803_122626 - me. Your friendly writer, Mr. Success and Abundance.

I picked a handful of goals I wanted to achieve by the end of this 2015 calendar year, so we need to get cranking! Two of the important ways I define myself are how I make a living, ie. writing and real estate. As an author, there are a couple more books I want to get out this year. If one visits there are four books available now with a fifth coming very soon, so there is work to be done. I would love for you to become a part of my list/platform of friends and readers.


This book should be out next and the title of the book is self-explanatory.  If you are involved in sales in any manner, this is the book for which you have been waiting.  We have dug into this material in the past and will doubtless go through it some more in the near future, as it nears publishing time.

Living the “Plan B” Lifestyle

This will follow soon.  In a perfect world, we are born rich and good-looking. We have a silver spoon mentality, and already have everything we will ever need. But when we discover it’s not a perfect world, what do we do then? If we don’t have the “Plan A” life, we may need to go to “Plan B” where we have to go out and get whatever we want and need to be comfortable.

“Cause and Effect” Your Way to Success and Abundance

Have you ever noticed that every time you do one given thing in particular, something else will occur? That is called cause and effect. If we want a certain effect, we can either receive it in a miracle or materialize it, or we can perform the tasks it takes to cause the effect we want. We have no control over the first two but we do have control over the last.

Reduce it to the Ridiculous

The first time period you must chose concerns the achievement time for the total goal you have set. The second time period to chose is a smaller period to measure results for interim goal/steps. And the third and smallest manageable time period is the one you use to measure your efforts. You can do efforts every day, for example. You can measure result every few days. You measure goals in the appropriate time period. And there are time periods that work perfectly for these.

If you could not tell, this concept is becoming one of the books I hope to have available this coming year. You will use it for sales, weight loss, or just about anything. Its working title is “How To Gain Success, Abundance and Prosperity Using the “Plan B” System of Cause and Effect, and I will try to have it out in early 2015.


Thank you,

Don Martin

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