Outrageous Sales Success




More than 90% of people in the sales field are just getting by, and living month to month.


If that describes you, what are you going to do about it?


This book will show you HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN SALES, even if you never have so far -up until now.

As a non-salesperson, I wrote this book for other non-salespeople AND sales people who are trying to make a living in the sales field, and wishing they were doing better. I won’t teach you technical stuff like the “puppy dog close” or the “Lincoln-Douglas close,” but I do teach the often overlooked basics and ideas that will help you make a very good living even if you don’t love the idea of selling. This is a compilation of a lifetime of searching for sales success.

If you need or want to make a living in the sales field, you need to internalize these items. There is nothing fancy here, just the way to make money when your livelihood depends on your production. I will show you how to go from barely making a draw to really making a comfortable living and still being comfortable with who you are.



This book is expensive- it will leave a small hole in your wallet that you won’t forget immediately.  But if that helps you internalize the principles in this book, it will be the end to your sales search.

$9.99 intro price


Sales successFrom the author who wrote The NEW REAL ESTATE and SELL YOUR HOUSE FASTER.  Porsches and palaces, four decades of sales are brought to the table here.

“This is so simple, I’m blown away!”

“Worth the price a thousand times over!”