How To Gain Success, Abundance and Prosperity Using the “Plan B” System of Cause and Effect

Living the “Plan B” Lifestyle

In a perfect world, we are born rich and good-looking.  We have a silver spoon mentality, and already have everything we will ever  need.  But when we discover it’s not a perfect world, what do we do then?  If we don’t have the “Plan A” life, we may need to go to “Plan B” where we have to go out and get what we want and need to be comfortable.


“Cause and Effect” Your Way to Success and Abundance

Have you ever noticed that if you do one thing in particular, something else will occur?  That is called cause and effect.  If we want a certain effect, we can either receive it in a miracle or materialize it, or we can perform the tasks it takes to cause the effect we want.  We have no control over the first two but we do have control over the last.

Reduce it to the Ridiculous

The first time period to choose concerns the goal you have set.  The second time period to choose is a smaller period to measure results.  And the third and smallest manageable time period is to measure your efforts.  You can do efforts every day, for example.  You can measure results every few days.  You measure goals in that appropriate time period.  And there are time periods that work perfectly for each of these. If you could not tell, this concept is becoming one of the books I hope to have available this year.  You will use it for sales, weight loss, or just about anything.  Its working title is “How To Gain Success, Abundance and Prosperity Using the “Plan B” System of Cause and Effect, and I hope it will be out this summer.