Use the equity in your house to send your

real estate agent to a fancy French restaurant?


Not any more!  (Don’t buy what you don’t need…)







  • Guerrilla Real Estate expected to be published  July 11,  2014
  • all you ever expected
  • Go through my entire presentation/explanation to a new customer
  • Learn what I tell them and WHY!
  • A MUST READ for anyone selling their own house.
  • A GOOD READ for people with their house LISTED for sale.
  • and more

An exerpt from the first chapter…

 Guerrilla Real Estate

“Why am I writing this book? Plainly put, this is an instruction manual for my system of real estate, as it applies primarily to property owners intending to sell their own real estate. I have worked in traditional real estate for thirty years, and in the last decade worked also in the exciting arena of graduated services real estate that allows part of the burden (and reward) of selling the home to be born by the owner himself. Since my method is more hands-on involving an unlicensed seller, there is a certain amount of material which needs to be taught. Many salient facts can be gleaned by other people who are already real estate practitioners, but a lot of those facts are dealt with in one of my other books directed more toward the profession.

“My work is as much problem-solving as it is conceptual, and this book is certainly no different. As my system has evolved, so did the explanation of it. When I meet in person with a new customer, I try to do explanation up front- in advance, so that involves a longer time listening to me. That also involves more note-taking for the customer and more check sheets for me to give the customer. The natural eventuality is a complete book.”


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