Use the equity in your house to pay the dues

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Not any more!  (Don’t buy what you don’t need…)




What are these new real estate terms people are talking about?

By the same author who wrote The NEW REAL ESTATE, and SELL YOUR HOUSE FASTER.

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How to sell your house fast, and save money doing it.  Use FLAT-FEE MLS!

Tips on coming out way ahead financially when you are buying or selling a house.  We also deal with FSBO, for-sale-by-owner, Flat-fee MLS,  limited-service real estate transactions, and interest rate buy-downs, among many more.

If you are in the process, or even just thinking about moving, this book is for you! If you have a friend or co-worker who is planing to move, what a gift this book will make!

This book really started thirty years ago when Don Martin started Martin Properties. Its course was altered in 2004 when Martin Properties adopted a Graduated Services policy, offering various ranges of service to help people sell their house, some in a very hands-on type transaction involving giving the exposure of the Multiple Listing Service to For-Sale-By-Owners.


This exposure, along with some key guidance became just the recipe for people to save thousands of dollars on the sale of their house. When compared to some typical commission percentages, the savings can mean REAL MONEY!

Now Don, in addition to helping more sellers and buyers than ever, is writing books, speaking, and teaching some other agents about the process. He is very good at explaining tools and techniques. He will teach dialogs people need to know whether they are buyers or sellers. He will teach the questions to ask and the theories to understand.

This book goes beyond theory to explanations and actual nuts and bolts. This is a plan from a to z. it covers what to do , when to do it, why, and what to expect. It could not be more complete.

In a minor example, Don explains what he calls seller participation, or points, or pre-paid interest, in which a given thousand dollars when used as a discount off the sale price of a house, could save a buyer six or eight dollars a month. That same thousand dollars, when given as a points or pre-paid interest credit for the buyer, could save that same buyer four or five times as much on their monthly payment. It all depends, of course, on the price of the house and the interest rate, but it represents some very significant help for buyers and sellers when used correctly.

FLAT-FEE MLS helps people to “think outside the box” as the saying goes, whether they are buyers, sellers or real estate agents. This type of transaction is ushering in an entirely new age of real estate. When Don Martin first started doing business this way, there was no book to read or video he could watch. He had to master the learning curve through trial and error for the most part. And each year brings even more refinements.

FLAT-FEE MLS will bring you new possibilities to consider. And if you think they make sense to you this book will also lay out the plan for you to put some of these ideas into action. Here is the tested plan to make you money and save you money. The mistakes of learning have already been made for you. You can take the plan and run with it.


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“Great book. Very informative.” -Sheri Gaylord

“At last a book that nails down some of the “must knows” in real estate. With the markets these days, this is a MUST HAVE! Ranks as a classic in the tech manual department!” -Lynne Weeks