Great Amazon Promo

We had a great Amazon FREE FRIDAY kindle promo yesterday for “SELL YOUR HOUSE FASTER.”  A THANKS to all who participated.  We may try to do this every Friday for different books we  have written, so check her from time to time as this is our BOOK SITE!  Feel free to join the list if you would like.


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Hey book peeps!

Barnes & Noble update – Ingram has my book, but we’re waiting on B&N to decide to pick it up…

Kindle update – It may take Amazon up to four weeks to contact anyone who got a bad format yesterday, so please feel free to try again next promo, which I think will be tomorrow, Saturday June 28, 2014.

Thanks for your patience to most, and to some of you, you are just plain confused about my family tree.


What I am… What I do

These are questions I still try to answer even at this point in my life.  What am I, and what do I do?  People, including me, often confuse the two and blur the boundaries.  Sometimes I can do more than one thing at a time, but always, I am all I am.  Sometimes when I am doing one thing, it is impossible to do one of the other things I do.

This is where my life gets complicated.  I am a real estate guy all the time.  But I only DO real estate things 70 or 75 hours a week.  I am a writer all the time, but I only DO writing about 1200 to 3000 words a day.  I’m a musician around the clock, but I don’t ALWAYS have a song in my heart.  I hope you see where I am going with this.

Lately I have decided that, in addition to what I DO, I could multiply my results.  I could also write about those things (and even other things) and help people to DO for themselves.  I could teach, speak, and coach, but right now I could write!

This website, is about my writing, not the things I write ABOUT.  It’s about what I AM, not what I DO.  I would be most grateful if you, as a reader, “fan”, or soon-to-be-reader. would join in my update group.  I will never share your email address with anyone else.  The private items I send you will have to do with my books, new releases, etc ONLY.  Even though some of my books are about real estate, I will NOT be sending you notices of new listings or open houses.  I would love to get your ideas and feedback on my books and projects.  I intend to answer every email you send me.

The first book, The New Real Estate is doing well, and the new one, Guerilla Real Estate will hopefully be out in June.  I have plans to get the first book out on Kindle by July, and about four more published in 2014.  So hang on, I think there is some excitement on the way.  I thank you for your time, and I really would like it if you would subscribe down at the bottom of the page.


Intermediate Touches

I wish I could say they were finishing touches that I am putting on this website, but that would be a gross exaggeration.  The new website is up and running to some extent, and we are working on our communication platform and building our email list.  As an incentive, we are offering FIVE CRITICAL MISTAKES To Avoid Making When It’s Time To Move free to anyone who signs up at

Now I will have the excitement of checking to see if this paragraph I have just written will show up anywhere but the vacant lot down the street.  It’s an adventure!

Still keepin’ it current!

Just like that…

I have started this website, still knowing little or nothing about what I am doing, but still unafraid to give it a shot.  I am trying to encourage people to check out my books, some finished and some in progress.  They are about real estate, sales,  Christianity in sales, and some are just essays on my observations of life in general.

Therefore most of these blog entries will be about real estate, sales,  Christianity in sales, and some will be just essays on my observations of life in general.